IMG_5032-入選Due to the diverse landscapes of mountains, hills, flats and rivers, the town has rich natural resources and magnificent and delicate scenery. Besides, owing to its position in the central hills of Taiwan, the climate is mild subtropical. The weather is pleasant and comfortable even in winter and summer. The rainfall is sufficient and the air is moist. Therefore, the town is known as Little Luoyang as Luoyang is a city in China famous for its mild weather. 
The average annual temperature in Puli is between 20 and 21 °C. The coldest month is January at 10 °C whereas the warmest month is July at about 33 °C. The mild weather is suitable for residence. The rainfall is moderate with an annual average 2,120mm. The average annual rainy days are 149. July has the most rainfall at 437mm whereas November has the smallest at 16mm. Overall, most days in Puli are sunny and clear.
The basin landscape prevents the town from strong wind. The wind comes from the southwest and the northwest all the year round. In terms of relative moisture, it is higher in winter and lower in summer. There is mist in autumn and winter which makes Puli’s climate diverse, unique and constantly cozy.