Puli Town is the geographic centre of Taiwan and one of the townships in Nantou County. It is a basin located in the north of the county and is surrounded by mountains. It is also the most northern and largest basin among the basins around Zhoushui River and Beigang River. Puli is 380 to 700 meters above sea level and bordered by Renai Township on the east and northeast, Yuchi Township on the South, Taichun City on the west and northwest. Puli reaches Taichun City at 58 kilometers, Wushe at 23 kilometers to the east, and Sun Moon Lake at about 17 kilometers to the south.


The geography of Puli is a typical basin which is surrounded by the mountains whereas the flats form a shape of star in the centre. The area is 162.227 square kilometers. The town is composed of 120 square kilometers of hills (74%) and 42 square kilometers of flats (26%).

025-1_調整大小The mountains surround Puli are Xita on the east, Baiye on the south, Guanyin on the east, Sanjiao on the north and Guandao on the northeast. Guandao is the highest among all at 1,924 meters. The rivers running through Puli basin are of various levels thus compose a rich water resource. Mei River on the north and the Nangang River on the south which are part of the upper flow of Wu River pass through the basin and converge on the Guanyin Mountain. Waterfalls such as Guanyin, Caidie and Nenggao situate around the basin, as well as Liyu Lake and Malin Lake. They have become important water resource and nurtured life habitat here.