Fun - 玩趣味

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  • Knock on Wood Working, Music Box DIY, Logs clock DIY

  • Bees are the most important creatures among the nearly one million insect species. Firstly, they can produce honey, pollen, wax, royal jelly, propolis, venom. Secondly, these products contribute to human nutrition as well as medical treatment. Thirdly, they create a perfect combination between human and nature.


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  • "South Garden Banquet Hall" A newly opened place. We welcome you to experience the nature ecology. And integrate environmental knowledge, creative designs, vacations and banquet of delicacies. Allowing you to be in the most vivid natural environment and combine with Mother Nature. You can enjoy the pleasure of “slow moment”, delicious meals, beautiful scenery and entertainment here. Your body, mind and soul will be immersed in the beautiful sceneries of Mother Nature. We welcome you to join us.